Monday 14 January 2013

New Studio. I'm happy!

I've been counting my blessings this morning. My new studio is a prayer answered and a wish come true. 

I have my big light filled windows,

separate areas for designing and making,

lots of drawers for all my laser cutting.

ample storage,

room for lots of plants

and good good friends just down the hall.

I love it and I am VERY grateful!

Now that I am settled in here, work has started on the new look Radiance. Clare Scott is in there as we speak building a fab new counter, Emma's coming back with her paintbrushes at the end of the week and Sean is coming to do some re-wiring. Well be closed for a week to ten days...however long it takes, but we will still be processing online orders each day so don't let that stop you! ;)

Now back to work. Module Three of The Surface Pattern course has started AND I have a big sample order of lamps make for a lighting company in JAPAN! :)

It's all exciting stuff.


Selina Gough said...

It is gorgeous Hannah. Really really special.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! What a wonderful and inspiring space to be creative.

Kirsty said...

A gorgeous space, lucky you! What an exciting start to the year! :) x

Unknown said...

Looks fantastic, lovely light and airy space! So glad your hopes for an outlet in Japan came to pass too. All good stuff.
Say hello to Sean for me!

moth&co said...

How exciting - I am very jealous of your beautiful big windows. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

This is definitely a great start for your 2013. It looks amazing overall, and with that beautiful window, I'm sure inspiration will come to you in just a snap! I just hope that kind of window will also look good on mine. Good luck on your future projects! =Lenore Rushford @

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