Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Thankyou too!

I seem to be gathering quite a collection of thankyou cards recently. Today I got a very sweet card from a little girl called Scarlett (her writing sure is neat for one so young ;) and it made me SMILE. It reads:

Dear Aunty Hannah,

Just a tiny note to say a heartfelt THANKYOOOOOOOO for my gorgeous Christening lamp that you made for me on behalf of my Fairy Godmother Sally.
It really was a total surprise but equally an absolute delight. I may be only 1 (almost) but I know a glorious work of art when I see one and yours is always something that makes me smile with joy. I've been fascinatedly fiddling with the ON/OFF switch all week and I think I've finally figured out how to turn it on myself. Cooool! Thankyou. 

Tiny hugs and kisses
Scarlett Grace xxx

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