Thursday, 4 April 2013

Trade Show wallpaper is making an outing!

In a couple of days it's The British Craft Trade Fair and I am very excited to be dressing my stand with my wallpaper. This morning I collected my digitally printed samples (thanks Print Bureau) and it was so much fun rolling them out (with a little help from my friends) and seeing them in real size for the first time!

I've got five designs

all in neutral colours

and they look reeeeeaaalllly pretty.

There are some new lamp designs too. Feathers,


and Fritillaries.

Today everything came together. 

The sign got finished, the final lamps were made (including the winners of my giveaway..will reveal them once my stand is set up),

 PAT testing was done, the toolbox got tidied, boxes got packed,

and the brochures got delivered. 

I'm ready and I'm excited!

Who's coming? Stand 149, Great Yorkshire Showground, 7th, 8th and 9th April.


Ann Martin said...

I'm excited for you! Everything looks boo-ti-ful!

Helen said...

All looks amazing Hannah, go girl! X

Ruth Singer said...

Wallpaper looks STUNNING. I wish I could come & see it in person. Best of luck with the show!

Kate-Em said...

Everything looks beautiful. Good luck with the show.

Hannah said...

Thanks for all your kind words folks. Much appreciated xxx

MILLY said...

Beautiful. Lots of my favourite things here.
Have a great show.

mahi wz said...

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