Monday, 20 May 2013

Sea air and wild woods

Last week I visited my lovely friends in Hastings

This little chap was only a baby last time I saw him so we had a lot of catching up to do.

It's one of my favourite escapes. Wide views, bright light, sea air and the best company.

 I love this lot! Me and Wendy realised that we have known each other for TEN years. We met when we were newcomers at bctf and it was friends at first sight :)

We took a walk in the woods, through the Wild Garlic

and a sea of Bluebells

and there were a few cuddles along the way.

The Wild Garlic made our breakfast pretty. As Ffion put it, it looks like a Pinterest breakfast!

Such a lovely lovely time.


Sarah Mason Photography said...

Oh how lovely!! And yes, that photo from above with all the swirls is stunning. I can smell the sea and them there woods xx

Fiona Pattison said...

Beautiful. : )

Unknown said...

I love the seagull on the lamp post. How did you get him to pose like that?

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