Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pretty Nostalgic

It was lovely to be asked to write a little piece for Pretty Nostalgic magazine about the joys of visiting an arts trail. The editor got in contact after reading my blog post about the Saltaire Arts Trail a while back. 

It's a new magazine to me. I had heard of it but hadn't yet held a copy in my hands and flicked through it's beautifully laid out and nice smelling pages. It's really really pretty. 

And there just so happened to be a feature all about Hebden Bridge in this issue too which was a bonus.

Look there is our very own Lucy Conroy from Lucy and The Caterpillar!

It's lovely to be a part of another quality I will forgive them calling me Hannah Hunn haha (I quite like it). Look out for it in the shops. This one is issue 8.

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