Friday, 26 July 2013

William Morris Woodblocks

Another exciting thing about visiting the wallpaper factory was discovering that they look after the collection of original William Morris wood blocks.

We went to a little room tucked away upstairs to see them.

It felt really special - being able to see and touch these pieces of British design history.

They are old and stained with years of printing ink. You can tell they have worked hard. They are soooo beautiful.

These hand crafted beauties are quite the contrast to the gravure cylinders that have just been made to print my wallpaper designs which have been precision laser etched with high tech equipment.

That's the wonder of this place. It has it all, from original woodblocks to super high tech printing techniques.

Next week my cylinders will arrive at the factory ready for colour sampling. They will be in good company :)


jacqueline said...

Just a tad green with envy! I've admired William Morris' work for years, and to get to see those designs in person - incredible!

Crafty Lou Louise McLaren said...

Wow, I'm very jealous.......and also very excited that your wallpaper is getting nearer!

Hannah Lamb said...

What a fascinating visit

Amy Hauschild said...

that is so amazing! wow what an ace experience!

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Unknown said...

I have a william morris wooden block, not sure what it is though

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