Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wallpaper photos...

We've been busy! 

Winter lamp orders have kicked in. As soon as the nights get longer things go up a noticeable notch so it's been all go in the workshop every day. And as well as the lamp making we have our new baby to look after - the wallpaper. Thanks to Emma (her twitter feed is all about cycling but she is also a brilliant decorator) there has been lots of wallpapering going on so that Sarah and me could style and shoot some photographs.

Sarah and Suzi now have Paper Meadow in teal in their living room. It looks really lovely in there.

Shown here with their Kirsty Elson house. So cute.

We love this photo shot through a roll! Sarah doesn't miss a photo opportunity.

Our friend Beckah has the Beech Leaves in pebble in one of their bedrooms. Shown here with my Ikuko Iwamoto vases that I bought from the lovely Snug Gallery.

We needed to capture it's special sheen.

It's quite subtle this one.

The Kraft colourway looks so nice with the glow of my lamps.

The Beech leaves in mint is perhaps the hardest to communicate the colour of on screen but this comes close.

I've been pinning lots of pictures today. Feel free to join in.

....and I feel a giveaway coming on. Just working out where and when. Stay tuned.



Amy Hauschild said...

think I am slightly in love with papermeadow in charcoal! gorgeous missus love it, what beautiful photos of your wallpaper too! exciting and enriching xxxx

Eva Marion Seyffarth said...

Gorgeous wallpaper and great pics! Love it!

Kathy S said...

Just found your blog through Design Sponge...and I'm completely enchanted. Looking so forward to following you. I love the process photos for your beautiful wallpaper's journey into reality--thanks for posting those. Really inspiring.

Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks folks.

Glad you discovered by blog Kathy and enjoyed the wallpaper journey. Its been quite a ride x

Unknown said...

What lovely designs. They will look lovely in this house once we have renovated it. I am glad I have found your site!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love your wallpapers! They're perfect for the upcoming winter season. I guess wallpapers are the best choice after all. You just need the appropriate design to beautify your interiors. Well, you need to grab a wallpaper that can blend well with the colors of your furniture. :)

Jolene Uhler @ PanachePainting.com.au

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