Sunday, 3 November 2013


(Ffions learning Dutch and has been reading the beautiful Flow magazine to learn new words)

This year has certainly had it's share of excitement with spreading my wings in my beautiful new studio and birthing my first wallpaper collection. It has also seen sadness and pain as back in the summer I broke up with Robert. I hadn't mentioned it here on the blog before as it's so personal but I've always been open about my life and it's circumstances and readers of my blog will have heard me talk about him a million times. As long as I've been 'not mentioning it' it feels like my blog isn't my own somehow and I miss it.

Last week I came down with labyrinthitis, a dizzy virus which has the room spinning and makes you reach for the bucket. Ohhhh how horrible. I was forced to


be really still

be really quiet

get my lovely friends to look after me

and sit under a blanket and do pretty much nothing.

..and d'you know what this is exactly what I needed to do. It was just what I was crying out for after a painful emotional summer and a really exciting wallpaper journey. But, with a bursting inbox and a gallery order list as long as my arm with everyone wanting everything NOW I was just ploughing on ignoring the signs of a body and mind craving a rest.

This is day 5 and I've just got out of pyjamas for the first time and me and Ffion are going for a haircut. It feels nice to have my boots on again. It feels nice to have sat around with the cats and the kids, with a visit from my Mum and from friends bringing me tea, reading magazines, dreaming, reflecting and enjoying being calm. 

Matt and Suzi and my Dad have done so well at keeping orders ticking along. I am so grateful to them for knowing what to do. I have two quiet days in the studio and then I'm off on my annual trip to the Timber House on Skye where I shall continue to chill whilst watching seals in the loch and counting sheep walking past the window. 

Then I'll be back. Right as rain. Rested and ready.


Unknown said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. Rest up and be inspired. x

Anonymous said...

Aww Hannah, so sorry to hear your news and sorry to hear you are so poorly. It is such a debilitating illness. Hope you get well soon and also hope to see you if I get up soon. Much love. xxxx

Jenny Tidman said...

Just realised I signed in as renragged but not her anymore so you wont know it is actually me! xx

Ann Martin said...

It sounds like an unscheduled rest was just what you needed. I hope you'll feel much better soon, Hannah; dizzy is pretty awful. Mwah!

Delboy441 said...

I would choose beech leaves in pebble to bring a bit of autumn to my seaside home. X

Delboy441 said...

Sorry to hear about your illness and your personal stuff. You've done the right thing resting and being supported by those close to you. Enjoy you're break away. Skye is so beautiful. X

jacqueline said...

So sorry to hear about your sadness and pain. It sounds like too that you recognize that even exciting things can be stressful in a different sort of way. Definitely seems like your body knew what you needed! Wishing you the best rest and rejuvenation!

Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks for your lovely supportive comments. They mean a lot xx

Unknown said...

I'm really sorry to hear you've been going through such a painful, difficult time this summer, that's the worst. And even more inspired by how you've continued to forge ahead creatively during this period, despite it. Wow, you are a strong woman, Hannah! Hope you have a very restful, healing break in beautiful Skye.
That photograph.... SO sweet!!!

Ruth Singer said...

So sorry to hear what a miserable time you have had - and it is good to let the brave face go sometimes. I've had labrynthitis too, I know just how horrible it is and it really is a take-a-rest warning. I had it after 2 weeks of awful flu over my busiest Christmas writing my first book. I hope the rest of the year is better and 2014 will be just splendid for you.

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