Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Look at these lovely faces. Meet Matey, Rossi and Iliya from Bulgaria. 

Rossichka is a blogger who has been leaving lovely and encouraging comments on my blog for years now. I remember when I was nervous about visiting Japan years ago - Rossi was there helping me find my brave girl boots! She always finds the time to say something thoughtful and I love that. 

Matey is studying graphic design in Huddersfield so they came over to visit him. How funny that it is so close to Hebden Bridge, a funny little Northern town that she has been reading about on my blog!

It is wonderful to make the connection in real life and to meet her sweet family. It made my day.

Blogging is so great. I have made some good friends, right here sitting in my living room with Ollie cat on my knee. 



What a heartwarming story Hannah!

rossichka said...

This morning I woke up in Bulgaria - after an extraordinary trip to England! One of its most exciting moments was when we visited you, Hannah, and your lovely, charming little town! This is a day we will never forget, thank you for being so sweet and friendly! I hope we will meet again - here or there, or somewhere else ... Blogland opens doors and boundaries!:)xx

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