Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The British Craft Trade Fair 2015

A year can't pass without a post about the British Craft Trade Fair. 

Ffion aptly said that the BCTF punctuates my Hannah Nunn career

and that every time I have come a bit further.

She said 'imagine all the old HN's for the past 12 years sharing an aisle'. A funny thought. 

I can't remember what took me to that show twelve years ago but I landed in absolutely the right place. Some of the galleries that ordered way back then still stock my lamps now all these years later. And each year my network of makers and galleries grows stronger and lovelier. I always have a lovely time. And so many hugs :) 

This year smiley Suzi Garlick came to help me which was lovely.

 And we got on famously with our nextdoor stand neighbours, Simon and  Louise of Pixalum.

And my Mum and Dad came to visit too. Thanks for the photos Dad!

We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb apartment this year with Claire Northern Light (us light makers stick together) and one evening we treated ourselves to the Harrogate Turkish Baths.

It's so beautiful and we lounged around steaming and saunaing.

The floor was so lovely that I had to get my phone out of the lockers just to take a few snaps!

It was the perfect thing to do after a long day at a show. Why haven't we been doing THAT for the last twelve years?

So another good show. I have ten new stockists up and down the country and I'm looking forward to sending them their orders in the coming weeks.

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