Monday, 27 July 2015

Meadow Grass Wallpaper

Sarah Mason took some photo's of the Meadow Grass wallpaper. 

It's such a delicate design, The colours are so soft. We papered next to white skirting and floor boards to give a better idea of the subtle blue & silver background.

Here you can see how the light picks up the silver metallic. It is so pretty.

My dear boy Ollie enjoyed posing for the Oatmeal & Blush photos. Look at his happy face. This paper looks so lovely in my bedroom behind the wooden bedhead. I hadn't realised that Ollie was bedhead coloured haha. He was the perfect accessory!

The wallpaper looks really cosy in the glow of a lamp too and how well do the Anna Wiscombe wooden flowers go with it? I just love her work.

The third colourway is the grey & gold which looked striking with this yellow chair.

It also worked well with the grey chair. It makes the paper look totally different though doesn't it. Oh colour - you are so elusive!

You can see all the wallpapers on my website here.

1 comment:

deborah said...

It looks absolutely stunning - you must be thrilled with the results!

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