Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Radiance is for sale!

Big news!  I am looking to sell Radiance, as a business. 

I love my  little shop BUT over the last couple of years, since moving my studio out of the premises and adding wallpapers and fabrics to my collection I have become distracted. It's become one thing too many and too much to manage well...and you all know I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I hate not being able to keep up and be able to really give Radiance the attention that it needs. All I really want to do you see is concentrate on my own work and develop my collection. That is where my passion lies.

Radiance is ten years old this September (I hope you'll come and celebrate with us when the time comes) and it is a thriving little business. It is a big part of the community of independent shops in Hebden Bridge. It has loyal and excited customer base and a strong mailing list. The website is fab and accounts for more than a third of our sales. We post parcels all over the country and often beyond. We have great relationships with our amazing and talented suppliers and it is THE best selling outlet of Hannah Nunn products in the country. We've had loads of great press. Sometimes when people walk out of the doors and think I can't hear them, I catch them saying it is their favourite shop in the world. How nice is that! There actually aren't any more shops in the UK specialising in artisan lighting. Radiance is completely unique.

So I'd be crazy to close it right? 

What if I could find the perfect person to buy it? Someone who could give it their full attention. Someone passionate about design and craft and lighting. Someone who wants to work in a beautiful, glowing environment and sell products that light people up and make them happy :)  And what if I could use the proceeds from the sale to develop my products and grow my Hannah Nunn business, which is what I am so excited to do? Sounds like a plan to me!  (b.t.w I always kept Hannah Nunn and Radiance as two separate businesses). 

It's taken a lot of grappling and soul searching to be here at this point writing this post but I feel absolutely clear that it is the right thing to do so here I am setting the wheels of change in motion. I'm not going to put it on sale with an agent. I'm hoping that between us we might be able to reach that perfect person. Please note, it's just the business that is for sale, not the building itself.

Do you know anyone who is looking for a new and exciting venture? Would you spread the word? I've been poised, waiting to set this whisper free onto the grapevine.

If you do know anyone, or even anyone who might know someone (!) please forward this email or ask them to email me at hannah@hannahnunn.co.uk and we can discuss it further. 

Or perhaps that someone is you!?

Whoever it might be, I'm looking forward to stepping aside on and seeing it flourish. 

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you will share my excitement.

Hannah x


rossichka said...

Dear Hannah, I see that you are ready for this big change in order to give complete freedom to your creative spirit. I understand you and am sure that you know what you do, because you know what you want. I’ve been in a similar situation nine years ago, when I left the state puppet theatre and my job as its artistic and administrative director in the sake of practising my profession of puppet theatre director. And I am so happy that I made this step!

So this is one of those important and life-changing decisions that lead us to other levels of our personal and professional development, widen the horizons, make us feel contented and happy. Fingers crossed to find the “right” person who will love and take care of “ Radiance”. Maybe you are feeling sad, or even maybe guilty in a way, but don’t stop following your heart and mind. Good luck!xx

Nicholas Taylor said...

This is a life changing step that you are taking but I understand why you are doing. I would be sad if I was in your shoes as you have an amazing shop. I have bought all my lighting from you and well, I am seriously thinking about changing my career now. I am going to share you post to get the word out for you...I wish you all the best.

Nicholas Taylor @ Vancouver Business Brokers

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