Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Handmade Parade

Every summer our little town of Hebden Bridge puts on an amazing show with the wonderful Handmade Parade. This year the theme of the flood was close to everyone's heart and I think it was the best parade ever...it was the most joyful for sure.

First the flood sirens came, then the waves, then the mud monsters and the muddy Christmas trees. Then came the clean up. Busy bees dancing with their brooms, worker ants, busy beavers, people dressed as washing machines! Such community spirit.

It ended with a big golden sun touching everyone on the head with it's big sunny rays.

I'm proud to live in this creative town with the strongest of community spirits. I'm also proud of my friend Sarah who has recently discovered a new passion for film making and she's REALLY good at it wouldn't you say?

1 comment:

rossichka said...

This is fantastic! Absolutely amazing and beautiful! It's like a whirlpool of colours and positive energy. I like the happy smiles. It must be great to feel part of such a friendly and creative community!
Happy summer, Hannah!xx

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