Friday, 21 April 2017

Happy Birthday Charlotte

I had fun last night at The Bronte Parsonage Museum doing the 'Meet the Maker' night.

It was good to see all my Charlotte's Garden products displayed in the shop for the first time and it's great to hear that they are selling well.

I met some lovely people and a cute dog called George.

Charlotte kept an eye on things. She had a keen eye for nature (have you seen her flower paintings?) and I'm sure she would appreciate my designs!

Today it is her 201st birthday!

It felt fitting to sign off the proofs of my new wallpaper design on the eve of Charlotte's birthday...and even more fitting to sign them with a green feather quill!

Happy Birthday Charlotte x


Rox Draner said...

Magnificent design! So earthy! It really pays tribute to the world of Charlotte Brontë. Amazing work!

rossichka said...

I love your new products!Good luck with selling them!
I hope to visit the Parsonage again soon.
Nice to see a picture of you, Hannah!

P.S. It's our son's birthday, too...:)

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