Friday, 14 April 2017

High House Wallpaper India Collection

When I gave a talk to the MA Creative Futures students at Stafford Uni recently I met a couple of enthusiastic students who were working on the High House Wallpaper India Collection crowd funding campaign. High House Wallpaper is supporting designers from Uni to real world industry and want to give young designers the opportunity to see their designs come to fruition. 

This India collection brief was shared through design schools in Stafford and India and Mallika Gupta and Joanna Mathias were the winners with their two beautiful patterns.  The way that they sit together is purely coincidental which is rather cool.

Anyway their designs are being prepared for production and now they need to raise the funds....

Checkout their crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo and support them if you can :)

1 comment:

rossichka said...

Nice designs. Good luck to these talented girls!

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