Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ekphrastic Flowers!

I had a day trip to Tatton Park Flower Show today to visit a shed!

But not just any shed! This is the 'Ekphrastic Flowers' shed and my Paper Meadow wallpaper has been used as part of the installation.

Sally of Kingfisher Flowers lives in Hebden Bridge and she is part of the Flowers From The Farm group of florists and she asked if they could include my wallpaper.

Their shed set out to express how florists work as artists in their own right and that they often work in collaboration with artists too, using colours and style in artwork to inspire their arrangements.

It worked brilliantly!

. It was SO colourful and there were all sorts of irresistible shapes to enjoy. 

These ceramic tiles are by Linzi Ramsden from the Manchester Craft Centre. We were stand neighbours at GNCCF once and she's very lovely indeed. It was nice to find her work here.

This print is be Lee Herring. The flowers blended into it so beautifully.

I loved the Agapanthus and the Alliums.

 Sally and Vivienne Bradley had created this lovely wall hanging.

The plasma cut bronzed ferns are by Willa Ashworth. I wish I'd taken more photos of them.

This fennel against the blue is pretty amazing isn't it!

See, it was a pretty special shed.

Thanks everyone for including me in it.

It was very beautiful indeed. 

By the way 'ekphrastic' IS a real word meaning 'a vivd, often dramatic description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined'. I'm not sure I made a very ekphrastic job of expressing how beautiful this shed was but I hope the pictures speak for themselves.


Gina said...

Stunning! The colours are just glorious.

Sally (Kingfisher Flowers) said...

Thanks for this Hannah, your photographs are beautiful and I love the details you have picked out. It was lovely to showcase the artworks with our flowers and thanks again for the wallpaper x

Jill Butler Design said...

What a gorgeous idea! Love the way the art and artfully arranged flowers compliment each other.

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