Monday, 8 June 2009

Happy in our new yellow kitchen

We've been doing major renovations at home, making the kitchen bigger so we can fit a table in.(amongst many other things). For the last few months its been dust and rubble and bare plastered walls. On the day we moved the table into the kitchen i was very happy and sent a photo taken on my mobile phone to to my friend Rachel. The walls were still bare plaster at that point and her response was that it looked like a prison canteen! Well not any more! This weekend i painted and i love this yellow. Its a Fired Earth Kevin Mcloud colour called 'Indian Yellow'. The lovely lampshade is from Jodii's Etsy shop. (She has an amazing style blog too and is always discovering cool things). Today i bought a new teapot and some tulips to celebrate!

1 comment:

jodii said...

GREAT! It looks really good. Thanks for the picture. It´s nice to see my stuff at different places...Sophie

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