Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Wedding Lights

These ones are going off to a big wedding magazine to be photographed...i won't say which one as Fiona, my wonderful PR girl is a bit superstitious about mentioning things before they go to print. In fact she'll probably tell me off for even saying that! (hee hee sorry hunny).

While we're on the subject of PR I'll just do a little song and dance about my Fiona. (la la la) Fiona Pattison's company is called Happy4PR. I have been working with Fiona for a couple of years now and she is amazing. I have always done EVERYTHING to do with my business but I didn't know how to do PR stuff so that side of things was lacking. At that point Fiona appeared like the Fairy Godmother and came into my shop one day waving her magic wand and she has been sprinkling fairy dust ever since. She's not just my 'PR', she is now also my good friend.

She has got me some brilliant publications, given me some fantasic ideas and is always out there pushing my business (even when I'm not). She is 100% committed to her clients and has tremendous energy for her business. She keeps me positive, keeps me looking towards the future...and cooks me tea on Thursdays! Here is her BLOG.

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Bettyjoy said...

What a lovely idea!

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