Wednesday, 27 October 2010

GNCCF pictures

As I said in my last post when you go to a show it's always nice to see old show friends and have a good gossip. We took so many pictures this year that I'm a little overwhelmed but here are afew!

The lovely Helaina Sharpley and her wirework!

A smiley Debbie Bryan!

I was nextdoor to Monica Boxley this year. Lovely bags! Lovely lady!

I was opposite the colourful Alice Gow...

...and Laura Bennet with her nature inspired jewellery. These earrings are made from real acorn cups.

Samantha Bryan was there with her Brains Fairies. She had some amazing rollercoasting ones this year.

Nice to see Jane Blease. I bought some wall lights for Radiance!

I also bought some Ken Eardley lamp bases. Years ago at bctf I hassled him to make lamp bases....and he did but then I never got round to ordering any. Got some this time! About time I think!

Here is Jill Ford with her ceramics. Jill was my travelling companion this year. It was nice getting to know her!

and here is Laura Slater!

Gosh I'm tired now! There were loads more pictures...there ARE loads of pictures on my camera of all the amazing work at GNCCF this year but I'm tired now so I'm going to pass it all to Fiona. Perhaps she will put them on her blog!!!!
I hope you enjoy exploring some of these links. Some truly amazing talent!


Heart Gallery said...

What a great blog about GNCCF Hannah and Heart Gallery showcases 4 of the 8 you have mentioned so dead chuffed! Enjoyed GNCCF again this year and lined up more peops for 2011 - must come in to see your Ken Eardley bases - wanted his work in Heart for 3 years!!

Rachel said...

Can I have everything Ken Eardley has ever made in my house please? or at least that brown lamp base with white and pink flowers! Got any pics of Ruth Bridges and her beautiful jewellry? It's de rigour on the wedding circuit these days you know!! he he!! x x x

HUB said...

Lovely pics Hannah - some familiar faces in there! x

isabelle said...

so many talented people ... thanks for sharing

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