Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New Website is finished!

It's been a very long day but I have one last thing to say before I hit the sack! HOORAY I have finished and uploaded my new website!!!! Here it is

Pheweee. Today I set up my stand for GNCCF too. I am pleased with my new stand. The dark brown paint worked really well and the new cupboards made by Clare Scott are fabulous. The casters made the whole thing much earier. Wheeeeling the cupboards along the pavement. Ahhh. Why did I never put casters on those heavy cupboards beforee? I'll post some pictures of the stand when I take some at the show. Remember it's open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Spinningfields in Manchester. I'm really looking forward to it!


Dig The Earth said...

Well done Hannah, it looks fantastic :D The best of luck with GNCCF!

r maria said...

The new website is beautiful! Almost as beautiful as your lovely creations. You have a tremendous fan in Charleston, South Carolina USA.

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