Friday, 29 October 2010

Lovi Birds

These gorgeous birds from Lovi arrived at Radiance this week. They are a sort of flat packed postcard that you can build into this lovely bird shape. One of them is perching perfectly on one of my lamps! Very sweet.

The post show mayhem is dying down. My workshop is almost straight again. Most of my left over stock went off to three Christmas exhibitions yesterday. Farfield Mill, Ropewalk Contemporary Art & Craft and Bedazzled at The Yorkshire Craft Centre. Oh that's nice, I just discovered that Bradford and Farfield are both using lamp pictures on their front pages!

Right off to have a quick cuppa with the lovely Hannah Lawson in her new studio at Brooklyn Studios before she goes of to the Antarctic again!


N. said...

oh, this little birdy is so cute :D I think that I'll make a garland full of these little birds (when I figure how to make them ) as alternative christmas decoration

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