Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Spirit Collection Revisited

Me and Robert have just had a very lovely trip to London. As well as needing to visit Top Drawer and meet with my book editor (very inspiring and I'm all fired up) we still had some time to go and play! Back in the Summer I went to the Zoology Spirit Collection at the National History Museum and loved it but didn't have my camera (I only had a notebook and made some drawings). This time I went back to take some photos. It was great. Look at these amazing creatures, look at the jars, look at the dates on the jars! That Sea Urchin has been in that jar since 1890!

We also went to the V&A to see the Catching Shadows exhibition about camera-less photography. Five artists showed their work and it was SO interesting to see their techniques. Some of it I didn't get at first as the effects were so bizarre but after watching their videos and studying the work more deeply I understood it and was very inspired. This daguerreotype by Adam Fuss I loved the most. It had such depth to it and I really wanted to take it home with me! If you get the chance to go and visit I would highly recommend it. It's on until the 20th of February.

Going to London is great and always fills me up with ideas and so many things that I want to try! do I do it all????

(Here are some more pictures of the Spirit Collection if you're interested).


Helen said...
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Helen said...

Try again....!
Hi Hannah,
It's so nice to revisit your blog and see all your lovely pics. Thanks for reminding me about the wonders of living in London. It's so easy to stick to your little patch and take it all for granted. Very much enjoyed my trawl through your pages. Glad that everything is rosy and nice to see you in Making Magazine. x

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Hi Hannah,

Called at the shop today and was so sorry to find you were ill. Hope you're feeling better (at least you're well enough to blog!).

Gorgeous pictures...

Hence72 said...

wow i love these jars

Anonymous said...


My name's Russell and I am natural history curator trainee. I liked your images of the spirit collection at the Natural History Museum (not, 'National', hehe) and thought you might be interested in seeing some pictures I've taken:

You might not, of course but I enjoyed reading your blog and thought I'd share mine.

Keep up the good work : )

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