Sunday, 2 January 2011

What a lucky girl!

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I've had the loveliest week of rest after the busiest Christmas time ever ever ever (note, no blogging since the 6th of December...that's a long time for me to not reach the computer) ! It's been lovely having time to see family and friends and time to just hang out at home being cosy and have some time to think after not really being able to catch my breath for quite some time!

During this time as well as Christmas I have had a birthday (38 goodness me) and thought I'd share some of my artsy crafty gifts that I have been lucky enough to receive....and I'll share some big news.

Natalie gave me a set of Rob Ryan plates which are truly delightful. I think this one is my favourite but there are three others in the set which are all gorgeous.

Robert gave me the lovely cacti pincushions by &made. I have coveted some of these for ages. He got them from the lovely Ed at Snug Gallery here in Hebden Bridge but the designer/maker Andrea Lord (a Hebden Bridge lass herself who remembers when Radiance used to be her dentist as a child) has a unit at The Manchester Craft Centre where there are lots of her gorgeous wares to choose from. I think I'll have to start a collection.

..and I am now the proud owner of three of Dee Beales prints. Blue Hares, Snowy Owls and Sleeping Foxes. My Mum and Dad got me the first two and I bought the other with my Grandads birthday money (it was his 89th Christmas this year...imagine that!).

My kids got me this book all about Batch made Craft and Design. It's written by designer Andrew Tanner and showcases many designers and makers across many mediums and tells the stories of how they came to be designers. It's really interesting and good inspiration for me...

...and here's where I drop my big news. I am writing a book too. At the GNCCF this year I was approached by an editor for A&C Black Publishers and she was looking for someone in the field to write a book on Contemporary Craft Lighting. Obviously, being very passionate about the subject I jumped at the chance! It's going to be hard not to give too much away but I will have to keep quiet about it all until it's ready to read. I'll just tell you this. It will look at the work of many lighting designers from across the globe across many mediums - ceramics, glass, plastics, paper, print, textiles, metal and wood. Work is underway and there are some great people involved so far. It's very exciting. I have until November to write it and then it will be another year until publication. So, Christmas 2012 it might be on your coffee table ;)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and goodluck with the writing, don't know where you find the time :-)

mcad director said...

The book sounds great - looking forward to hearing more... Just to let you know that Manchester Art Gallery has a good collection of contemporary lighting (c.1995-2005) which may be useful when you're researching - contact their Collections Dept for more info.

Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks for that (mcad director). I'll do that.

Amy Hauschild said...

fantastic Hannah!

I am sooo proud of you! xx
and what an amazing load of presents you received!

exciting stuff missus!!!!

love Amyxx

jax said...

What a fab start to the new year!!
The book sounds such an exciting project!
Happy new Year xx

Guusje said...

Awesome gifts!!!!!
love the writing thing....

have a fab 2011


Ann said...

Congratulations Hannah! I know you're up to the task and am positive the book will be a beauty!

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