Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Book Of Leaves

Carrying on from my current book obsession I just bought 'The Book Of Leaves' by Allen J Coombs which is a gorgeous and very chunky guide to 600 of the worlds greatest trees. It was a lucky find. I saw a book review whilst flicking through a gardening magazine at Birmingham New Street station whilst on the way to meet Rachel and Bobs new baby (gorgeous little guy) and the cover jumped out at me instantly.
It has life size pictures of all the leaves. There are about 75 different types of oak in there! I didn't even know there were that many.
I'm looking at leaves at the moment for my new work. You may think it's not the right time of year to start looking at leaves as the trees are bare but there are actually so many still about. I keep noticing crispy frozen ones on the forest floor and lone leaves still clinging on to bare branches despite the recent high winds.

 I've been playing with engraved beech leaves...
and oak leaves (English Oak to be precise).

Anyway, I recommend the Book of Leaves. It's a really lovely reference to have on the book shelf.


mrYen said...

This looks like my kind of book!

It's my birthday next week, so I will be dropping hints to the other half ; )

Hannah Nunn said...

It's a good one Jonathan. Happy Birthday for next week x

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