Tuesday, 17 January 2012

On a cold and frosty morning

Rachel Hazell my lovely bookbinding friend (who I went to Skye with) has been to stay for a long weekend while she did a book binding workshop here in Hebden Bridge at Fionas house. And didn't she pick the perfect weekend? Clear crispy blue skies the whole time and thick thick frost.

We went out for an early morning walk each and everyday (as only you can when you have a friend nudging you to get up and ready early) and we have seen such beauty! We have seen the sunrise each morning and enjoyed the frost accentuating every little, plant, leaf, wall, tree, stem...even cabbage on the allotment..

I love the sunrise reflected in the windows in this picture and the frozen Rosebay Willow Herb stems.

We were very excitable with something or other taking our breath away at every turn. How lucky we are!


Fiona Pattison said...

Lovely images Hannah. : )

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Similar blogposts and experiences today, Hannah. But I just had my spaniel with me, a human friend would have been nice!x

pauline said...

oh Hannah, how i wish i was closer for some of those retreats in such beautiful places!! The photos are gorgeous. And your work, as always, is stunning.
happy new year, girl! xoxo

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