Friday, 20 April 2012


Now when I told Fiona and Matt today that I had stayed up too late last night playing a computer game they both looked at me astonished and said 'YOU???? '  Yes me! They were right to think that I don't normally do such things but Botanicula truly is an astonishing thing of beauty and creativity by Amanita Design and has me captivated! It is a point and click exploration, a puzzle set amidst a beautiful botanical world full of entertaining characters, mesmerising music and enchanting forest noises. 

It is full of surprises, some of which have made me laugh out loud. What's more, buying it was a virtuous experience in itself as you can choose how much you pay for it, what percentage goes to the developers and what percentage goes to the rain forest! Beautiful! It's only been on sale for a day and already they have sold 40,000 copies. Woweee. Inspiring business.

Here is the official trailer and if you want to relax into strange and magnificent this weekend I recommend it! I'm off back there right now.x

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