Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shelf lamp

I have just developed a new shaped lamp. I have called it a 'shelf lamp' because it's absolute ideal spot is on a shelf, at eye level. You can think of it as an artwork/craft piece/functional lamp. It gives beautiful, glowing light but also gives great visual interest and detail. I can see them working so well in opposite alcoves in the same room. That would be so perfect! And for me, it's a bigger canvas to play with,  like my wall panels are, but without the necessity to have to wire them into the wall. Each one will be a limited edition, with just ten of each design.

This one is coming with me to the Saltaire Arts Trail next weekend along with lots of other lamps and my seed pod window hanging. I'll be in an open house at 71, George Street. I'll be there in person on the Sunday afternoon and Bank Holiday Monday. Who's coming?

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