Tuesday, 31 July 2012


(photo by Sarah Mason photography)
Something I am grateful for every day is that I am doing what I love for a living and my biggest hope for my children who are now aged 16 and 18 is that they can create a life where they can do that too. 

I've always encouraged their passions and one of Euans is writing music. When he was trying to get the cash together to go to a festival this summer with his mates Robert had an idea. How about he didn't go babysitting, or get a washing up job (not one of his strengths in life). How about he sets himself up writing music for businesses and other creative people. So many people have a video to share and are not sure about the copyright on using a tune or they need music for some kind of presentation. Euan has a skill for this kind of stuff :)  PERFECT.

(photo by Sarah Mason photography)
So we chatted to a few good folks and Sarah Mason, who loves Euans music jumped at the chance of having piece written especially for a slideshow to launch her new website. They had a meeting, understood each other well and then the music began!

I was lucky enough to witness Euan playing the tune to Sarah for the first time. She absolutely loved it. There were tears. I still can't hear it now without having a weep. He's managed to conjure up the perfect emotion for Sarah's beautiful pictures.

 I loved that moment. It was a perfect exchange. Euan being acknowledged and paid for his unique talents and Sarah coming away with something really special and unique for her business. I couldn't want for more for him. I hope his life has many moments like this.

I'd love you to hop over to Sarah's website for a look and a listen.

And if you fancy hearing more of Euan then this is his Soundcloud. Perhaps you'd like him to write a tune for you? He'd be more than happy.


DIAN said...

Hannah, what a beautiful moment for you. I will pop over and listen later in the day.

Sarah Mason Photography said...

His music is SO atmospheric! He just 'got it' and what I was looking for to accompany my video.

I can hear myself in a few years time, after seeing a big new Wes Anderson movie, everyone raving about the soundtrack... 'he wrote a piece of music for me you know!' x

Jill M Hodgson said...

How incredibly talented! There is no better feeling than being a proud mum.....
The music helps create the perfect atmosphere for the beautiful photos, it enhances your appreciation of them. Job well done eh?

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