Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lovely shops in Frome

I love it when people come into my shop and get noticeably excited about the new and beautiful things that they are discovering and they 'ooooh' and 'ahhhhh' and get giddy at everything. Well that was me in this lovely shop in Frome this weekend where we were visiting friends.

OWL is run by six artists and is full of absolutely exquisite delights.

I was very excited to discover the work of felt artists Gladys Paulus especially as I had seen some enchanting photos of her head dresses on a blog only last week. I urge you to go and have a look at her website because her photos are other worldly.

 She makes these beautiful 'Holy bowls' too which I was very taken by.

It was hard not to buy one but I really am saving every penny for my wallpaper venture.

I'm not sure who made the wooden ladder in the window but we liked it a lot.

My other favourite thing was this wire work by Mel Day. I wish these were sitting on my shelf at home. I love them.

Her little tray of faces were curious too.

It's not often that a shop makes me go all funny but OWL absolutely did. 

The Mary Kilvert shop was very lovely too. She is an illustrator and has recently opened her shop in Frome to sell her wares. There were lots of sheep things. I'm going to introduce her to Beate at Makepiece.

Frome is so pretty. There are lots of vintage and indie shops. If I ever need to go dress shopping this would be the place to go. I saw so many nice ones. 

Euan was made up with his vintage leather wallet find...always good to keep the boys happy when you go shopping! Robert was happy playing with his new camera too and took these photos.

Next time we go to Frome to visit Alan and Tanya we will be certainly have to set off down St Catherine Street much earlier than 4.30 pm so we can have a good long mooch about....and I won't be coming home empty handed!


Ffion Atkinson said...

It was beautiful :)

Gladys Paulus said...

Thanks for your wonderful write up Hannah, so glad you enjoyed your visit to Frome and OWL in particular - it's really good to hear you had such a strong & positive reaction to our work!

You mention there are 5 of us, but actually OWL is an artist collective made up of 6 artists: Mel Day (wire work & beyond), Hans Borgonjon (ceramics), Steven Jenkins (prints and pottery), Phaedra Politis (glass), Anny Colgan (paintings) and myself Gladys Paulus (felt work).

The ladder you refer to is made by Mel Day.

Looking forward to meeting you in person next time you're in OWL...

Hannah said...

Nice to hear from you Gladys :) I will correct that right now.

Can't wait to come again.

Fiona Pattison said...

Beautiful I want the ladder. xx

Hannah Nunn said...

me too Fiona!

Paul Stickland said...

Definitely making the trip to Frome sooon!

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