Saturday, 8 June 2013


A year has passed since me and Natalie visited Japan. Beth told me this lovely word above meaning wistful and reflective. That beautifully sums up how I'm feeling. The inspiration that I brought back with me has been long lasting and I think about it often. As I enjoyed blogging about it as much as I enjoyed being there I thought I'd re-visit my posts and have a little reminisce.

We visited  Tokyo first and stayed high up in a tower block hotel.

there were so many people.

 We saw the The Bright Lights of Shinjuko on a Saturday night

and had a lazy Sunday morning exploring The shop fronts of Nekameguru.

We visited  Hajime Studio, two creative guys that I discovered whilst writing Illuminate.

 Then we travelled on the Shinkasen to Kyoto and saw Mount Fuji on the way.

We loved  Kyoto and felt very at home helped by hanging out with Beth who was living there for a while and speaks fluent Japanese.

 We took the steep walk up Mount Daimonji and felt on top of the world.

I loved our rainy visit to the Bamboo Forests of Arishiyama where we had the pleasure of meeting Ai Kawauchi who I also wrote about in my book.

I was very inspired by the bamboo forests.

We visited many amazing Temples and Gardens with Beth.

 and she took us to a brilliant Sunday Morning Craft Fair 

 and introduced us to many a Washi Paper Shop!

 We had a big cycle ride out to the countryside to try our hand at Stencil Dying.

It's how they paint Kimono. It was fascinating.

We we had lots of chatting in cosy tea houses sheltering from thunderous rain.

I long to return and hire a basket bike and continue the adventure.

Maybe next time I'll go to the countryside and visit Ai in the South...and see the sea.....or maybe set foot on Mount Fuji. I'd like to visit lighting designer Sachie Muramatsu in Tokyo because I  only discovered her AFTER I got home....I'm dreaming....

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Unknown said...

Beautiful Photos! I am glad I found this because I am about to go to Japan, too! :)

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