Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Paper paper everywhere...

 I have just been up to Edinburgh for a few days to lend a hand to my dear friend Rachel Hazell.

Rachel is an artist, book binder, paper sculptor, workshop leader (remember the Summer Isles) and a big collector of all things PAPER. 

Ever since Rachel moved to her new house there has remained an overwhelm of unpacked boxes, folders, bags crammed full of artwork, books, maps, memorabilia and scrumptious bits of paper all waiting to find a new home. 

But Rachel is a busy lass you know She's not called the travelling bookbinder for nothing and she spends a lot of time on the road teaching workshops and writing. 

So I offered to lend a hand (as well as getting to hang out with her in lovely Edinburgh).

I loved finding pretty places for her handmade books.

I enjoyed arranging her tools on the wall.

It was good to collect things together in colourful piles

and find pots for pencils.

The highlight was making a washi tape dispenser out of a curtain pole. Oh yes!

Stationary addicts will understand the joy this brought to all concerned!

There was many a set of alphabets stamps...there might be a slight obsession here ;)

And now the workbench is clear and Miss Hazell is a happy bunny. And me too, we had lots of fun and nice cups of tea along the way. 

Now I'm home in my own studio and it looks positively bare in comparison. I bought some big wooden letters from a beautiful shop called Homer that Rachel took me to in Edinburgh. They will be my souvenir of a lovely papery, lettery weekend.


Hannah Lamb said...

Oh wow - so many washi tapes! Looks like such a colourful collection of materials.

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