Wednesday 4 March 2015

I'm in Country Living magazine!

When I took the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course a couple of years ago I did some serious dreaming and planning.  I dreamed of a big light filled studio space with huge windows and lots of plants, I dreamed of having a couple of lovely student interns to help me out.  I dreamed of becoming a mentor and inspiring other makers. I dreamed of rolling out my newly designed wallpaper on a big long table in the middle of my studio and sending it out around the world. I also made a list of magazines I'd like to be in. One was Where Women Create, one was Garden's Illustrated and the BIG one was Country Living.

So you can imagine how excited I was when the feature's editor got in touch last year to ask if they could do a feature on me.

They sent Alun Callender to do a photoshoot for a day which was lots of fun (check out his website. His photos are amazing). Didn't he do a splendid job! And they sent Kate Langrish to interview me. We had a long chat in the studio over cups of tea and she wrote my story beautifully.

It's in the April edition, in the shops now and I have four full pages. I want to share it all with you but I also don't want to give it all away because I'd love you to have a copy of your own (there's even a reader offer in extra incentive for you to buy a copy).  I'm so happy about this piece. I just LOVE it when creative plans come to full fruition. When things you've doodled in your notebook become real life things in your hands or on your coffee table.

It's been busy in the Hannah Nunn studio this week, We've been sending off lots of lamps and wallpaper samples and greeting lots of new customers. Hello!

So now I'm busy dreaming up new plans. Where shall we go next?


Karen L R said...

I live in the States and love your work. One of my guilty pleasures is a subscription to the British version of Country Living. My March issue only just arrived. I will be looking for the lovely April issue in a few weeks. Congratulations on this wonderful story!

Kate said...


Love Country Living mag, especially when they feature talented makers :) I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.

A cup of coffee and my kind of glossy magazine, looking forward to a sunny Saturday morning in April...

rossichka said...

Congratulations, Hannah! You deserve this with your talent, hard work and the beauty you create! How nice when the dreams come true! I wish you many more exciting creative plans and interesting projects which you would not resist!:)


Oh wow this is great news Hanna, congratulation on this fun adventure !! I have to check my local shop for the latest issue.
The images looks lovely, and so do you. (beautiful clothes!)

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