Monday, 9 March 2015

The Storytellers

One of the lovely things about sharing a studio space is that you get to watch other peoples projects unfold and you feel as excited as they do every step of the way. Sarah & Suzi just launched their gorgeous video all about the outdoor family portrait sessions that they are so passionate about. It's really sweet.

It features a shoot with our friend Rebecca's family up at Widdop reservoir and then back at her house (check out the HN Paper Meadow wallpaper in their living room heehee).

Sarah commissioned my boy Euan to write the music and I hope you will agree that he has done a fine job. It's got Ffions voice in it too so it's nice she could get in on the act too in a small way! 

You can visit Sarah Mason's Photography's new website here and see more of her lovely portrait shoots.

The video is by Rogue Robot.


jen said...

So beautiful. I love how she captures the light. And of course the music is spot on. x

rossichka said...

A wonderful video for/with wonderful persons! Your boy has written such a tender melody that suits perfectly to the mood of the whole! It was nice to hear for some seconds the voice of Ffions, too...:)
Lovely photos!

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