Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Awash with colour!

I spent yesterday in the wallpaper factory trying out colours for my new Meadow Grass wallpaper. My friend Natalie has a great eye for colour and I am so glad she came with me.

The new design has a background colour and two more colours in the grasses so there were all sorts of possible combinations. Communicating what you have in your head is a tricky job and as I discovered last visit colour is extremely hard to pin down and hard to describe. 

I think I said 'Oh this is hard' about a trillion times yesterday I did have to have a word with myself at one point as I began tumbling into self doubt. 'Come on brain, get on side...we've done this before, we can do it again. We CAN find those beautiful colours'.

I took inspiration from some pretty nature photo's. I love the very pale backgrounds and the crisp silhouettes over the top. I wanted to create a soft and gentle palette but have the motif's really pop out. 

The colour guys were amazing, mixing up the subtlest colours by blobbing paint from three different coloured bottles and mixing them up in paper cups.

It was good to see my newly etched cylinders.

We watched them winch them up and over to the printing area

and then marveled at the prettiness as they printed.

When we started to play with metallic's the designs came alive. 

The delicate grasses began to sing!

Please take the colours on these pictures with a pinch of salt. They don't look much like they do in real life. In real life they are soooo pretty and I really love them We will have to work hard to describe them properly in our photography.

There's a kind of oatmeal with dusky pink metallic and grey/brown. There is the palest blue with silver and teal, there is a soft grey with gold and grey/brown.

Printing day is the 23rd April. Just a few weeks away!

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rossichka said...

Dear Hannah, thank you for sharing the process of choosing colours for your wall papers. Maybe it was long, even hard, but I find it very interesting! The fact that so many people take part in this creative process with just one goal - to make the perfect product, is inspiring!
Lovely subtle colours and such fragile designs! Good luck!

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