Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Wendy House

This is Wendy's summerhouse, aptly named the Wendy House (guarded by her dog Elvis). 

Wendy Leat lives in Devon and she has just moved to a new house with an old summerhouse in the garden. She got in touch last month, before it was painted, for wallpaper and fabric samples as she had big plans to do it it up. It was exciting to watch the whole thing unfold in her Instagram stories @thefindinteriors.

 She IS a force of nature. Everyday she was on to the next bit, no messing! She shingled the roof, she painted the outside that lovely teal, she wallpapered the walls and the ceiling with Tiny Treasures, reupholstered the chairs with Paper Meadow fabric and she made roman blinds.

No ordinary blinds either. They were double sided - kraft on the inside and teal on the outside!

And she did it all in such a short space of time!

My Tiny Treasures book has found a nice spot!

 It's altogether lovely and I'm inspired by her energy. She has moved on to doing up the house now but I hope she finds some time to relax in her lovely new Wendy House.

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