Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Debbie Bryan and her Nottingham Lace

I've just been down to Nottingham for another inspiring book research trip (I won't give anything away, 2012 launch remember!) and I took the opportunity to catch up with Debbie Bryan a friend who I have met through various craft shows over the last few years. Debbie is a maker with a shop too, just like me so it's really inspiring to hear about what she's been up to and share ideas. Debbie is a textile artist and makes beautiful knitted and felted scarves as well as range of scrumptious resin jewellery to compliment. She opened her shop a few years ago in Nottinghams historic lace market and this inspired her to launch a heritage collection of lace inspired products. Here is one of her lace brooches.

Nottingham is famous for it's lace production and it was crafted by people all over the town and then traded in the lace market. Sadly there's not much production happening anymore but lots of people remember it from when they were children and come into the shop with their lace stories and lace samples. They have however met a chap who still makes lace after all these years and he brought them lots of original lace patterns which are exquisite. They now sit beautifully framed in the shop.

Debbie has invited many of her exhibiting artists to make some lace inspired products for the collection. This delicate jug by Katie Almond was one of my favourites.

AND I have had some lace inspired ideas of my own whilst on the train home (can you believe it Debbie, at last) so hopefully some lamps will be able to join the collection soon!



Wow. I love handmade lace. I love the brooch. What a fantastic way to capture its beauty. I remember a woman coming into primary school to demonstrate her lace making. I think that I would end up with a spiders web if I did any!!!

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

I can imagine how wonderfully the cut-out nature of lace could be brought into your work.

Btw, our cow parsley lamp is admired by all who see it, so many ooh and ahhhs!!

Just seen your retreat info - looks amazing, if I had a grand to spare...! The whole Do What You Love concept is rather inspiring.

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Forgot to mention, would love to do a little blog post about the lamp I bought from you, but my photo uploads are being rejected as being used without permission even tho they are my own photos! Never happened before, are there very strict restrictions on images of your lamps??

Hannah Nunn said...

That's strange isn't it. No there are no restrictions on images of my lamps at all. I'm happy that anyone can use them. Feel free to take them from my website or if you want anything bigger just let me know which you'd like.

Glad people are liking it!x

Anonymous said...

This sounds very exciting...lace would make an ephemeral delicate design for your already beautiful lamps.

I lived in the lace market in Nottingham when I was at University there, and always found it sad there never seemed to be a hint of lace anywhere. The fact someone now has a shop there leaves hope!

I love hearing your little stories about what you've been up to, so thank you for sharing x

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Photo problem sorted, your lamp graces my blog!

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