Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Harebells, Wood Anemones and VAT!

Today I have added the new designs to the website. Harebells and Wood Anemones. I am still working on new ideas...well I am in theory but with the London trip and writing up all the interviews I haven't had much time (I've been listening to the dictaphone recordings...everyone is great but I am SO sick of the sound of my own voice I tell you). I'll be back on to new designs next week. I'm looking forward to my limited edition botanical range.

Another thing I had to do today which was not at all fun was increase all the prices on my website because as of today I am VAT registered. OUCH! It hurt to have to put the prices up, especially when I have to give it all to Mr Taxman but it can't be avoided. I mean in one way it's good news...the business is doing well and everything but on the other hand I don't like passing the extra cost on to my lovely customers. Such is the way of things!

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