Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring Greens!

Now I don't often find the time to make Etsy treasuries but I was inspired by some lovely things tonight when I was shopping for shrugs for my dear friend Rachels wedding (in TWO weeks). I found some perfect ones but they were from far off distant lands (such is the world of Etsy) and I didn't leave enough time. Anyway tonight I was inspired by green. I think it started with the lovely house mobile and went from there. Go over and have a closer look because there are such lovely things to be seen.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Golly Bird's watercolours. Sigh. Wish I had another birthday excuse, but used mine buying your gorgeous lamp which has arrived and rocks my lighting world!! Just even more amazing in reality, and perfect in our big barn living room. Will flag it up in a post sometime soon. Also, raving about it at my silversmithing lesson this week, and our tutor, a silversmith and vase maker called Olivia, said she had a stall at a fair once opposite you and was v taken with your lamps too!! Small world!

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Oops I mean't Golly Bard.

Anonymous said...

Hannah. I truly believe we may have been separated at birth. Everything you love here, I also love. That also goes for everything you make and everything which inspires you ;)
Bella x

Hannah said...

Oh my lovely new blogger friends!

Belinda I am so happy you like your lamp and love that it is 'rocking your lighting world'!! I remember Olivia. Beautiful work. Me too I love Golly's work. Loving those feathers especially but also love all her her blog is very inspiring too!

And long lost twin hahaha. So nice to know you! Much more inspiration to come!


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