Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Handmade Kyoto

It's a hot, hot Sunday morning and me, Natalie and Beth are heading along the river bank in our convoy of bicycles (mine's the Pink Blobby, Nats is the Red Wobbler...and I never asked if Beths purple bike had a nick name). We see turtles in the river, storks and herons fishing, we pass a big group of children with butterfly nets catching bugs near the botanical gardens and we over take lots and lots of joggers in black lycra (really? In this heat?). We are on our way to the north of the city to meet Beths lovely friend Hiroko and visit a craft fair.

It was set in the gardens of a Shrine with a stream running through it. Nice for the kids to splash around in on such a hot day.

I was instantly in my element. Beautiful handmade things everywhere and friendly faces selling their creative wares. We soon lost each other in the crowds of people but occasionally found each other again enthusing over something lovely.  I would have liked to have bought rather a lot of these wooden card holders for the shop by Babbo Craft

His chopping boards were lovely too.

I had a really fun time on Tao Erasers stall. She made gorgeous rubber stamps and printed products.

Sweet stamps all packaged up in crinkly white paper and hanging by pegs.

I bought a tea towel for my Mum.

These ceramics were hard to put down. Extremely light and so smooth to the touch. I brought a mug home with me and I enjoy it every day! Sadly I didn't get his name, otherwise I might be buying more!

I was glad to find a little ceramic house a bit like the one I was fell for of in Kurari cafe.

She made tealight holders too. If they hadn't been so heavy I may have brought some home for Radiance.

How lovely this lady looked with her parasol and stall of knitted products.

I loved these hand painted house earring by Yukina Design.

There were lots of succulents about..

You could buy a mixed box.

Or a cute little bag.

...and talking of cute how about this for a dolls house!

There was so much inspiration everywhere. It was like your favourite Etsy treasury but in real life, right there in front of your eyes! I chatted to who I could to try and find out how Japanese crafters went about their business. I was given a leaflet for Iichi which is a handmade market place for selling Japanese Craft to the rest of the world. It's worth a look. 

 I would love to sell my lamps in Japan, whether it's directly to Japanese customers, or whether it's through a shop or gallery, it would please me greatly. 

I had my eyes wide open to opportunities and gave a few shops my business card while I was there but I fear that the emphasis in many shops was on promoting Japanese wares....and I can quite understand that as there is so much beautiful work. Is there room for little me and my lamps????

If anyone has any ideas or contacts do let me know. 

I have totally fallen in love with the place.

I feel like my visit wasn't just a visit but that it is the beginning of something.....It is all yet to unfold!


Handmade in Israel said...

What a fair! I would have spent rather a lot of money. Those miniature houses are to die for!

Unknown said...

Hannah I've loved all your posts about your visit to Japan. Thanks for sharing I feel like I've been with you ;)
What an amazing place! Jax x

Sarah said...

Was thinking about you and your shop with all the flooding :( Hope everything is ok, or least on the way to being ok xxx

Hat Therapy said...

I love everything about Japan and have long been a buyer of all types of their products, what a pretty fairmmakes british ones look a bit heavy, however your lamps would fit in perfectly. xxxx

Megumi said...

Beautiful Japanese Art, thanks for the post
Here,a very nice Japanese Gallery in Paris (France)
Yakimono Paris

Tiel said...

i just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and work. I am planning a trip to Kyoto later this year for my 40th. I am an artist so I am trying to seek out beautiful finds, and you have shared plenty. Thank you.

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