Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The shop fronts of Nakameguru

  This place felt like a lazy Sunday morning. A green and leafy residential area with boutiques and cafe's dotted about long the Meguru river. You really have to explore and weave around the streets as a lot of the shops are teeny and hidden away down small alleyways. As two shop keepers exploring Tokyo we were in our element here. Every shop was new to us, with nothing that we had seen before and although some shops were super trendy and quite exclusive we felt so welcome in each and every one of them.

We had a lovely breakfast in Soaks. 

(this brick wall was made out of wood).

  They had a donut counter with ginger or tomato or lotus flavoured donuts.

(photo by Natalie)
We loved that there were plants everywhere, spilling out into the streets making all the shops look even more inviting. Natalie captured the colours beautifully in this photo.

(photo by Natalie)
This shop had a handy moon calendar outside!....just in case the phases of the moon might affect how you shop?

(photo by Natalie)

 This glass and ceramics gallery called Hygge was lovely. You could even sit down and have tea at the counter.

(photo by Natalie)
Such beautiful shoes in here, in the softest leather. They looked like they were straight out of the elves and the shoemaker.

(photo by Natalie)
There seems to be a trend for potless planting.

The best button shop I have ever seen. No photos allowed inside...that would have been a whole blog post in itself. 

A barbershop.

We saw a lot of very English looking stained glass windows set into new walls.

(photos by Natalie)

Natalie got into photographing the drain covers. They were really pretty!

I could have bought a lot of great plants in Japan.

We really loved it here. The mix of plants, shops and the peaceful chilled out vibe was perfect. Just needed a push bike or a small dog and we'd have looked right at home!


Midori said...

Hi! Thank you for such a nice report on Tokyo! I enjoyed all photos so much! After 22 years’ absence, I really don't know current state of Tokyo. Even so, there is familiar 'air' that I could almost smell from your photos.

Those little boutiques, quirky delicatessens and cafes are so familiar to me even though I don't know the shops. The 'air' of unfatiguing creative Tokyo is still there.

Your friend and your view points are spot on! Those details are things I would have enjoyed most if I had been there. My Japanese friends in Tokyo have never sent me such good photos even though I have begged them to do so.

Looking forwards to reading more of your reports.

P.S. There are so many bikes in your photos! I suddenly remember them! They are seldom stolen there!

(I'm writing here now as I can't say what I like to I say in 140 words at twitter! lol)

Ruth Singer said...

A wonderful post full of inspiring details. It makes me want to go to Tokyo too!

DIAN said...

What beautiful images. I especially loved the pics of glass.

These pictures show a side of Japan I didn't know existed.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Amelia Johsen said...

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