Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello Kyoto!

It didn't take us long to totally fall in love with Kyoto. Our taxi from the station was the smartest taxi you have ever seen with white lace covering the seats and a very smart felt like being chauffeur driven. The half hour drive up to our house in North Higashiyama, gave us a chance to take in the city surrounded by lush green mountains, with so many interesting things crying out to be explored. Our house was close to the famous Philosophers Path (above) and the beautiful Silver Pavillion. What a location with loads of enticing bars and restaurants just around the corner.

(photo from the Japanese Experience website)
Unagi House was really sweet. Japanese style with tatami floors, futons and a beautiful screen on the wall. 

We soon made ourselves at home.

I loved the sliding doors in my bedroom to hide away my suitcase and live clean and uncluttered.  It made a great yoga room too. :)

And what a lovely surprise to be greeted by a presents! We had come to Kyoto to visit Beth, Do What You Love Beth, who was doing what she absolutely loved and had moved to Kyoto for a six month adventure with her man. She went out of her way to deliver prezzies to our house. As she said later in the week 'You've got to love a culture that loves presents' .....we had to agree!

Our first exploration for food brought us here to Kurari Cafe and it couldn't have been a more perfect cafe for us. 

(photo by Natalie)
We sat in comfy chairs in that upstairs window watching the Kyoto world going by (on bicycles mostly) with a nice cold beer ....

and some lovely food. I really enjoyed the steamy bowls of miso soup that accompanied many meals.

(photo by Natalie)

 The cafe was full of artsy crafty finds. 

I loved the shelf of houses the best.

(photo by Natalie)
Natalie fell for the fruit and veg paintings...particularly the potato!

(photo by Natalie)
They were painted by Yumeno, the lovely waitress that worked there. We chatted to her alot

and she gave us her card. I would have liked to see more of her work. She's having an exhibition in Denmark in the Summer. I hope we meet again.

The cafe even had a basket full of stamps to play with.

which of course we did!

Eight and a half Kyoto days stretched out in front of us. Tomorrow morning we would climb the very big hill behind our house and get an aerial view of the city and then meet up with Beth and plan how to make the most of every moment :).


Sarah Mason Photography said...

Wow - I knew I was going to love hearing about and seeing your first glimpse of Kyoto! The house you stayed in is amazing - and such a treat to be greeted by presents.

What a great way to watch the city roll by from your cafe window, surrounded by crafty things whilst taking sips of beer & miso soup. Wonder what happened to the missing T, A & K from the stamps?

More Kyoto tales coming soon I hope!

Beth said...

Love seeing these! Fab photos and wonderful memories of happy days together! Can't wait to see more...

Toranosuke V said...

Kurari is great, isn't it? And you got some great shots!

I cannot wait to go back to Kyoto... the cafés, the traditional atmosphere... Glad you're having such a nice time, and thanks for sharing, and letting us experience it vicariously a bit. It's wonderfully nostalgic (懐かしい).

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