Monday, 4 June 2012

Home from Japan

We are home from our travels to Japan. I have SO much to share. It has been like immersing myself into a hot spring of inspiration and I have come back feeling soul nourished! What an incredible place. Such beauty to be seen. Tokyo was amazing but Kyoto where we stayed for the most time was just the place for us. Missing it now. We miss our nipping about on our basket bikes with the smell of a jasmine scented summer evening in our hair or sipping iced green tea in a beautiful tea house somewhere or just the sheer discovery of something brand new around every corner.

I have many photos which I am sorting though and there will be lots of blog posts over the coming weeks. It seems that Japan is on many peoples wish lists and I must say if you do nothing else you must GO! You will love it!


rossichka said...

Welcome back! I believed Japan would inspire you... I'm so curious to see it through your eyes.

Isabelle said...

Lucky you ... and thanks for sharing so many pictures from your trip ... I wish I can visit this amazing country one day !

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