Friday, 17 January 2014

Home London 2014

We're back from HOME London. It was good.

I was pleased with my new stand. 

Nesting cupboards really are the way to go. 
Everything fitted in Suzis little car. It was brilliant.

It was a good show for me. I came away with ten new southern stockists for my lamps and lots of interior designers waiting for their own Hannah Nunn wallpaper sample books to show their clients. There were lots of good conversations about the wallpaper business. I learned loads about how it all works.

It was also lovely, as it always is at a show to put some faces to names you only know online and I met a few of my fellow Surface Pattern course students, some of whom were showing their work for the very first time. Zoe Attwells stand looked gorgeous.

It was great to meet Cara Holland of Pattern Booth and see her new geometric wallpapers which she had printed at Anstey at pretty much the same time as me.

I've admired Sian Elins wallpapers online for a while. It was nice to see them in the flesh. 

She has such fresh colours and designs and the photography on her website is absolutely lovely.

Lush Designs were there in style. I realised how far they have come since I first started buying their stuff for the shop 8 years ago. Their range has expanded hugely. I enjoyed standing in for Maria while she nipped to the loo. I was poised and ready to be her and sell some stuff...but she really only was a minute so I didn't get the chance!

Nice to see her Wild Pigs wallpaper for the first time. 

I bought some lamp bases for Radiance too. I'm excited about them.

Mini Moderns were there looking amazing. Wallpaper heroes!

These cats caught my eye on Yokes stand. They are called Ronnie & Frank. So cute.

And it was nice to get to know Miriam from Mintprint with her bold lampshades, prints and cushions. She was a sweetie.

Alongside Home and  the long established Top Drawer was a new show called Craft which I managed a quick look round. Harriet Caslins lampshades were so beautiful. 

If only I knew her when I wrote Illuminate because she would have been in it! would Alison Graham. They were gorgeous.

But I did spot someone I wrote about. Graypants (or 'the boys in grey trousers' as Maria from Lush called them). These boys live in Seattle but they have a European distributor now.

AND I got to see the Early Bird pendants by Amy Adams of Perch! ceramics in Brooklyn which featured in Illuminate too.

Well that's it for my photos but I wish I could share all the beauty that my eyes saw because there was SO MUCH. I did some nice shopping for Radiance too so we can look forward to some of the prettiness coming our way soon.


Karen Lewis Textiles said...

Looks like it was a fantastic show Hannah and so pleased it was a success for you! Your stand looked beautiful as ever Hannah x

Inspiration from letters said...

Beautiful stand!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics n post Hannah. I didn't get to see the show, so that was a visual treat for me too. Glad to hear it went well.

Unknown said...

What a feast for the eyes! I notice Marimekko in your last photo, they have a a lovely shop right by us here in NY, I often go in to look around.
Congratulations on all your endeavors, just been having a catch-up!

Amy Hauschild said...

amazing missus and how satisfying to get more stockists! well done!! x

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