Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Art of Attention

I do like this time of year. It's full of new wishes and dreams and a fresh energy to make them come true. It's been so lovely to have time at home with family and friends and time to let the dust settle after a really manic build up to Christmas. There is so much I want to do this year (as usual) but after being ill in October and November I know I have to be more gentle with myself.

I had the most inspiring yoga book for Christmas which has helped me a lot so far. The Art of Attention by Elena Brower and Erica Jago is the most beautiful yoga book I have ever owned (and I have loads). 

Such beautiful design and awesome photography and full of wisdom and inspiration for practice.

Erica Jago's yoga stick figures are exquisite.

It led me to find out more about one of the authors Elena Brower who has a yoga center in New York and founded Yogaglo, a website with loads of online classes which I have been enjoying every morning this week (and a meditation the middle of last night when I couldn't get to sleep). It's brilliant.

So while the intensity is high on the outside (you know - big dreams, hard work) I'm trying to cultivate a softness on the inside (I want to enjoy every minute of it). 

I recommend this beautiful book. Their website has all the details and this lovely video says it all.

Yoga is just the best thing. I'm so glad I have it.


jago said...

wow. i'm so touched by this . thank you

Jane said...

I am so glad that you found this Hannah. I welcomed yogaglo into my life over a year ago when I realised that making excuses about not being able to get to a yoga studio finally woke me up to finding my own practice. David's meditation to help get you back to sleep is on my favourites along with Elena's beautiful session on Being the Prayer.
Thank you for sharing this with others.

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