Sunday, 5 January 2014

HOME London

Next weekend I'm doing a trade show in London called HOME. It at Earls Court and runs alongside Top Drawer which I often visit for Radiance and a brand new show called Craft. It's a new show for me and I'm hoping to find some stockists for my wallpapers.

 It's a big deal getting a van down to London with all my show cupboards and stuff but I had an idea! Clare Scott has made these two sets of nesting plinths for me. They all fit inside each other and fit in the back of a small CAR! Hooray. It's a revelation! And two of them are cupboards for stashing stuff away on the stand. Wondering how to paint them...will sleep on it.

Lots to do to prepare this week but I'm excited to be taking my work to London town!

I'll be on stand F67. Come and say hello. x


Amy Hauschild said...

cover them in wallpaper...ha! Hope you had a super birthday gorgeous and happy new year to you! big hugs xxxx

Jacqui Sharples said...

They are a genius idea! What ever you do I'm pretty sure they will look fab, good luck at the show x

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