Monday, 27 January 2014

Wonderful woods

I just had a lovely walk, up Horsehold and through the beech woods looking ideas for a woodland inspired wallpaper.

I'm loving the texture of the forest floor.

There's so much beauty when you look up close.

Sparkly dew

and tiny lichens reaching for the sky.

Tree roots hugging beech nuts

and great shapes everywhere.

There had been so much rain that the stepping stones over the waterfall had been covered up so I disappointingly had to turn back but in doing that I noticed a new path that followed the waterfall down to the canal, one that I had never noticed in the 14 years I've been doing this walk! 

The rest of the walk became an adventure.

 It was gnarly and treacherous but every bit as magical as it looks from the other side of the canal. THANKYOU to whoever painted the yellow way markers on the trees as it would have been hard to keep to the path.

I wonder who lives in here (the yellow way marker person perhaps?)

Eventually the path brought me out at the slippery cobbled path down to the canal.
That was a great walk. Lungs full of air, camera full of pictures and a head full of ideas! Perfect.


Unknown said...

Oh gorgeous! That is my kind of wandering walk! X

Barbara said...

I love it when things don't go according to plan but then turn out so much better than the plan. :)

Unknown said...

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