Sunday, 15 June 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

Our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge couldn't have been more perfect. Even though my little feet were aching from standing at the show all day I found a new lease of life and David and I bounded over, full of excitement.

It was a warm sunny evening and as we took in the amazing views across the Manhattan skyline and the financial district the sun began to set.

By the time we got to the other side we were given the perfect pink skies.

The bridge looked so pretty with it's twinkling lights

and I loved how the pink light reflected in all the windows.

As it got darker...

all city lights got brighter

and we walked back across the beautiful twinkly bridge in the dark.

Ah thank you New York (and David) for a perfect night.


karen jones said...

What absolutely stunning photographs. Oh how I want to go back to America!

David Hodgson said...

It was a wonderful walk over to Brooklyn and back! We really enjoyed spending time with you Hannah

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