Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wearable Art at the Art Market

I got a message from Victoria Robinson while I was in New York asking if she could make some dresses from my wallpaper for an Art Market installation.

Obviously I said yes. How exciting to see my paper used in such an unusual way.

Only ten days before the show Victoria came to the studio to pick up the paper. 

She worked with her Mum, Pam, who is a talented seamstress and together they pushed the limits of the paper and created five dresses and six bodices.

So clever.

This is Victoria (in another very shiny wearable art piece) with me and her Mum.

The dresses will be on display again next Sunday's Art Market in Holmfirth. 


Handbags by Helen said...

All amazing!

Ann Martin said...

How fun - and all made in just ten days! I'd missed this post earlier - so glad you linked to it, Hannah.

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