Thursday, 5 June 2014

Atelier Yoga

When I knew I was coming to New York I knew had to find some yoga. I remembered that a lovely lady who I was on a retreat with at the Burren Yoga Centre in Ireland on my 30th birthday taught Iyengar yoga in the city. I looked her up and discovered she had since opened her own yoga centre in Union Square, only a ten minute walk from my apartment! Some things are meant to be.

It is called Atelier Yoga  as it's in a building full of art studios and the small, cosy, well equipped space is right on the very top floor with views across the rooftops.

So I set out on a very rainy Friday evening to do do a class.

Carolyn hadn't changed a bit

and these guys (and the dog) welcomed me into their class. I didn't know it was a 'level 4' Iyengar class before I signed up but I did my best and learned a lot.

Sivasana (the relaxation bit at the end) was nice, listening to the sounds of taxi's beeping their horns in the street far below - realising I was in a yoga class - in New York :)

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