Thursday, 21 August 2014

A sweet gift from Japan

I had a visit from these lovelies recently. The two ladies on the right are sisters. Keiko (in the stripey dress) lives in the UK with husband Leigh and cute baby Sakura and Yoko lives in Osaka. They have both been readers of my blog and after they had read about my Japan trip they made contact and we talked for a while about how to get my lamps to Japan. 

Yoko surprised me with this lovely gift. She remembered my blog post about our Sunday morning trip to the most beautiful craft fair in Kyoto and how much I liked the chopping boards made by Babbo Craft


What a sweet thought. All the happy memories of our Japan trip came flooding back.

Yoko has recently started her own website called Momo selling Japanese Craft. There are lots of beautiful things to choose from, chopping boards included!

1 comment:

Amy Hauschild said...

beautiful,and what a lovely story!

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